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Coffeeing the world since 1927, Rancilio specialised in traditional and fully automatic coffee machines manufacturing for true coffee lovers around the world.

Distributing to over 100+ countries worldwide, Rancilio had been crafting their professional espresso machines since 1927. As the leader in manufacturing machines for professional coffee-based drinks, Rancilio is a visionary with exquisite craftsmanship and technological innovation.
From traditional to super-automatic models, Rancilio holds over 45 patents in their designs and brewing technology in the world of commercial coffee machines.
The signature patented Temperature Profiling technology controls the water temperature during extraction, which is key in making an excellent cup of coffee. Enhancing or concealing flavour notes from different roasts are made possible with the ability to vary the extraction temperature in a controlled manner.

The Steady Brew patented thermal control system improves and maintains stable water temperature during extraction. It guarantees excellent thermal precision and maximises consistency in every extraction.

Rancilio Traditional Espresso Machines

One of the most versatile commercial coffee machine group in the market, the Classe range combines modern style and performance into an expresso machine. Made from brushed stainless steel for its stylish look, the range features modern side panels, curved group covers and an ergonomic work area for convenience and comfort.
The range consists of Classe 5 and Classe 7 traditional espresso machines models and their dedicated KRYO 65 On Demand Coffee Grinder.
Available in 1, 2 and 3 group head brewing versions, the Classe range features electrical heating with a built-in volumetric pump, boiler and pump pressure control gauge. With the maximum cup height of 145mm in the tall version along with the Steady Brew technology to provides a single button control over manual brewing time making this espresso machine range popular worldwide.

Rancilio Specialty

Be inspired with the cutting-edge brewing technology of the Rancilio Specialty espresso machine range and brew differently for a superior coffee experience. The  RS1 range features the patented advanced temperature profiling with customisable stainless steel panels. It offers flexibility to change its look to suit any decor or be branded to address the customers' style while the reliable internal elements make unparalleled thermal stability and fine-tuning each individual shot possible.
The Rancilio Specialty’s unique workflow is designed to facilitate baristas' job and save preparation time.

EGRO Super Automatic

Featuring a special design, a unique patented stainless steel brewing system and a sturdy stainless steel construction, the EGRO range is the new frontier in the fully automatic coffee machine markets. With a daily output of 150 cups per day, the EGRO ZERO+ fully automatic coffee machine accommodates up to 16 different high-quality espresso beverages with a user-friendly keypad interface. This fully automatic system grinds, tamps, brews and extracts fresh espresso with the convenience touch of a button. The ZERO+ Quick milk fridge is specially designed as a side refrigerator that holds up to 3.7litres of milk.

This pair is ideal for medium-size offices, self-service QSR, convenience store or bakeries with a medium to low daily consumptions.

The EGRO NEXT fully automatic coffee machine comes with a 10.1" HD tablet interface and a customisable Android™ operating system. The two self-adjusting grinders ensures consistent taste and volume in every cup. The NEXT KS9 milk fridge is the perfect partner to the NEXT fully automatic coffee machine as it dispensed milk automatically. The range also comes with an optional addition of the NEXT twin powder module. Made out of sturdy stainless steel and ABS plastic. The cleaning is made simple with the 3-step automatic daily cleaning program. Best suited for locations such as hotels, self-service QSR and larger offices since the machine’s daily output is 250 cups per day.

Both coffee machines come in a compact 330mm footprint, stainless steel brewing group head and user-friendly interface with programmable beverages options, which offers top-quality coffee in every cup.

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