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Rendisk waste management and dish handling solutions


Dish handling solutions are a critical labour saver and a vital piece of the puzzle when reducing costs in your organisation.

Dish Handling


Rendisk offer a new generation of award winning, innovative organic waste management systems.

waste management

In professional dishwashing areas, Rendisk has stood for the very best results for more than 35 years. The Rendisk range aim to  improve working methods in dishwashing areas, with a core focus on developing dish handling systems and waste management solutions.

Waste Management Systems

Until recently, organic waste was a recurrent event and cost item in every dishwashing area. Thanks to Rendisk’s professional waste management solutions, this over-bearing cost is a thing of the past. Rendisk’s waste management systems provide automated and hygienic processing of leftover food. The waste management system chops up the waste and transports it by means of a vacuum system to a temporary storage location. Rendisk has a variety of solutions for this, which are used depending on the volume and the available space. In some cases, the volume is reduced up to 80% saving the customer thousands on unnecessary disposal costs. Rendisk’s range of waste management systems are also extremely flexible. The system can be easily integrated into existing facilities.
What’s more, in some units several waste streams can be processed simultaneously and multiple drop points used. In brief, this convenience allows us to serve both people and the environment.

Dish Handling Systems

Whether in a hospital, restaurant or company canteen, hotel or university, the Rendisk range takes every opportunity to ensure that your dishwashing processes run as efficiently as possible. And as such, the Rendisk range now offers a new generation of dish sorting systems with an eye to durability, ergonomics and efficiency. These ingenious dish sorting systems enable you to reduce the number of actions in your dishwashing areas to the bare minimum, accelerate your entire dishwashing process and immediately improve the working atmosphere. 

Expert Advice

During the design phase of your dishwashing area, we work with you to construct efficiencies and optimise the ergonomics of your kitchen space with a tailor made solution. First, we work with you to think about the most logical routing for your tableware and design a more efficient method for reducing and removing waste. Our team of experts will help you identify opportunities and offer professional advice on the right equipment to achieve your business goals.

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