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The new sanitising solution that uses high power UV light to eliminate germs and viruses.

Scotsman Ice System

Efficient and reliable, the new Scotsman range redefined the ways of ice making

Different type of ice from Scotsman Ice Systems

Best known for their reliability and affordability, Scotsman Ice Systems had a wide range to suit various industries

Scotsman is one of the first in the field to research and develop a range of affordable and reliable ice-making machines since the 1950's. It remains the world’s largest ice machine manufacturer in over 100 countries. From restaurants, bars or hotels, to laboratories, hospitals and food processing facilities, Scotsman Ice System serves an important role to cater the needs of different industries by combining efficiency and ease of maintenance in their affordable, innovative and reliable ice making systems.

XSafe – natural sanitisation system to create hygienic consumable ice for your customers.

Scotsman’s XSafe is the integrated natural cleaning solution allowing automatic operation 24/7 to keep ice machines clean and safe. The high power ultraviolet (UV) light generates a highly-reactive oxygen mixture that flows through the machine. It effectively eliminates the growth of viruses, bacteria, mould or yeast and increasing the lifetime of the machine, resulting in clean and odourless ice cubes.

XSafe is now standard on most Scotsman ice system, ranging from gourmet cubes, dice ice and flake ice maker models.  XSafe retrofitted solutions are also available for existing Scotsman ice machines in any hospitality venues. Contact us for more information.

EcoX Range

Scotsman has developed a range of environmentally friendly EcoX ice machines using a range of natural refrigerant gases, which have one of the lowest impacts on the environment. Natural refrigerants are non-synthetic substances, such as hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, that are used as cooling agents. From cubes to flake, nugget and scale, Scotsman EcoX range got you covered.

Find the best suitable ice type for your industry

One of the easier way to figure out which ice system would best suit your industry is to understand the various types and shapes of ice.

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Bar/ Fine dining/ hospitality: Gourmet cube or Dice cube

Quick Service Restaurant/ Contract feeding/ School institutions: Nugget/ Cubelet Ice

Food retail/ Healthcare: Nugget/ Cubelet Ice or Flake ice

Bakery & Deli/ Food Services/ Food Retail: Flake ice or Scale Ice

Industrial Purposes/ Food display/ Transportation: Scale Ice or Flake ice

Dice cube ice:

One of the most common types of ice due to its universal use in beverages, bulk cooling and ice bagging. It provides a greater surface area for heat exchange, which chills fast. A classic size sided dice ice with a large surface area allows for rapid chilling. Dice ice is available in a variety of sizes.

See range: NU Series | NW Series | C Series

NUNW and C Series are all air-cooled system that produces individual dice cube ice with vertical evaporator spray-system technology and a one-touch cleaning mode for labour and time-saving.

Our range of Scotsman Ice Systems includes a broad offering of self contained or modular ice makers and a range of optional storage bin combinations. All Scotsman ice makers and storage bin include an Agion technology aimed to resist the development of unpleasant odours and growth of microbes within.

Gourmet Cube:

The cleanest and purest form, free from impurities or contamination due to its horizontal evaporator system. Round shaped gourmet cubes offer slower dilution allowing for drinks to stay cooler for longer.

See range: EC Series | MXG Series | DXG Dispenser

The EC, MXG ice systems and DXG dispenser are an air-cooled system that produces individual crystal-clear gourmet style cube of ice. Equipped with horizontal ice evaporator spray-system technology and clean alert indicator to clean the filter, these systems also have robust stainless steel exterior suitable for commercial use.

Nugget/ Cubelet Ice:

A compress flake ice in micro size cubes (nuggets) or irregular chips (cubelets) are commonly used within the quick service restaurant industry with compatible storage bins and dispensers to compliment. Due to its small cube size, nuggets and cubelet ice are a popular addition to drink items such as carbonated drinks and smoothies. They have a slower melting rate and are softer and easier to chew.

See range: TC L 180 ASMAFCMFN Series

The AFC, MFN Series and TCL 180 are air-cooled systems that are equipped with stainless steel auger ice evaporator. Both TCL 180 and AFC series produce cubelet ice and the MFN Series produce Nugget ice.

TC L 180 ASM is a compact countertop ice and water dispenser.

AFC Series has a built-in storage bin and PWD-progressive water discharge function for pumping excess residual water up to 15 meters.

MFN Series ice maker is built with a hermetic compressor with double protection electronic rotation sensor and drive coupling to maximise performance.

Flake ice:

The most natural shape and it is highly versatile for merchandising presentation, product preservation. It cools rapidly and moulds into different shapes.

See range: AF Series | MF Series

The AF Series has built-in storage bins, freezing cylinder evaporator and stainless steel auger. With the PWD-Progressive water discharge function, the AF Series has the ability to pump the excess residual water up to 15 meters away.

The MF Series also has a freezing cylinder evaporator and stainless steel auger, however, it requires a separate storage bin. This series also comes with a low-water sensor and double protection on electronic rotation sensor & drive coupling, ensuring disruption of the daily ice production is reduced to the minimal.

Scale Ice:

Large, flat, thin pieces of ice with less than 2% residual water content. With slow and regular melting rate, scale ice is ideal to use for industrial process, perishable goods transportation and seafood displays.

See range: MAR Series

The MAR Series is an air-cooled head only ice maker that requires a separate storage bin. It has an ice scraper blade and stainless steel evaporating drum, low-water sensor protection and a drive motor reducer with a V-Belt drive to maximise production.

Ice storage systems:

See range: NB Series | UBH Series | SIS Series

Scotsman ice storage systems are fully insulated and easy to clean or maintain. The NB and UBH Series offers a range of slope and upright ice storage bins that can be used with the range of modular ice maker heads. Ranging from 109kg to 812kg storage capacity allows operators to select their ideal ice production requirements to meet their own unique demands. The SIS Series ice transport system is used to facilitate ice transportation with a "first-in-first-out" hygienic approach.

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